Trust Him

The Lord is always trying to reach out to His people in numerous ways with His unfailing Love and Truth.  To many times we get wrapped up in our own circumstances that we forget that God has always been right there with us and has never left our side.   He is always waiting and ready to take over where we leave off.  The key is ‘leaving off’ and letting go, allowing Him to move the way He wants to in our lives.  We would make it so much easier on ourselves if we would just trust Him.

Each day, His Grace and Mercy are new and we are given a fresh start.  The moment we ask for forgiveness, His blood cleanses us, giving us a clean slate.

We need to take this reminder as an opportunity to reevaluate where we have put God in our lives.  You do not want Him on the sidelines but in the game, clearing a pathway for you to move ahead in Him.

Let Him wash away your past so that He can make your tomorrows ready and present with a fresh start.  He can fill you up and give you all that you need for each day.  You just have to trust in Him.

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