God’s Promises are for You!

God wants us to serve Him alone- not the world and the flesh.  He has given us more than the rest of creation.  Why do we worry that we won’t have enough?  He is our source and Him alone.

Take no thought about your needs but stay focused on God.  If you are focused on your needs, you’re not trusting the Lord.  God promises that He will take care of us, but do we believe it?

If you trust Him, you know that what you need is coming.

Get a hold of the revelation that God’s promises are for you!  By worrying, we are trying to take care of our needs in our own strength and it can easily overtake you.  The only thing you should be overtaken by is God Himself and His promises.

Worry can lead you to not trust in God and His promises.  The more you meditate on the problem, the less you are focused on God.

Worrying about things of the future will mess up today’s dream.

God has provided for the grass and thelilies and they do not toil.  And we are greater than them so how much more has God taken care of us.  We should not have to toil but rest in His promises, trusting that He always comes through.

Worry shows a lack of faith and understanding in how much God loves us.   Worry is rooted in fear and only God’s perfect Love can drive it out. (1 John 4:18)

So, get a revelation of how much God loves you!  You are so precious to Him that he cares even about your smallest need.

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