Godly Perfection

When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior you have a new spirit but it doesn’t stop there!  God wants us to grow in godliness and work to becomemore like Christ.  You receive a new spirit with the new birth but we still have our same souch such as the same emotions and mind sets.  Those things need to be worked on to obtain the perfection that God wants us to have.  When God talks about perfection, He is talking about maturity, not OUR idea of perfection.  When you are born again, its like you are a child in the spirit because like a new born baby, you have to developt to learn, to listen and to see the things of the spirt and be open to God.

Over the next few posts, we will be going through several traits that will eventually take into character in our inward spiritual renewal if we only yeild to the Holy Spirit.  We have to remember, God’s idea of perfection is not the same as our own.  We can never be perfect in ourselves but God sees us as perfect and righteous when we choose to forgive, repent and follow him everyday.  It is not about never falling but it is about always getting backup and trying again out of your love for the Lord and following His commandments.

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