Power of Love

“Without the love of God, your ability to make a powerful impact on this world is limited. Love is the force that fuels God’s power.” Unknown

Walking in Love is a commandment that doesn’t always come easy, especially when we are faced with challenging circumstances.  If we want to see God’s power at work in our lives and relationships, we have to make sure we are walking in God’s unconditional Love on a daily basis.  It is okay to admit that you cannot do it alone!  It is impossible for us to walk in unconditional love without God’s help on this earth….we are all a work on progress.  But when you seek God and ask for his guidance, he will never let you down.  See that you are always praying for His Love to fill you so you can overflow His Love onto others around you and you will not be able to ignore God’s power at work in your life and relationships!


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