Know that you Know

What you don’t know can hurt you. Be sure you know what God’s Word has to say about the issues of life so you can be victorious every time.  The Bible is like a manual to life, offering the advice and knowledge that we need to get through every situation.  Sometimes we tend to wait until everything goes haywire before praying or seeking our answer in the Word.  If we would go to God first, He who IS Wisdom, things might go better faster!

Studying the Bible is so important and is the same as getting to know Jesus Himself since He is The Word.  How exciting to dig in and learn intimate details about your Savior and what he thinks about you.  You will learn not only who Jesus is, but also who he made you to be.  The devil will always try to find ways to bring you down, but when you are filled and overflowing with the Word, that is what will come out in a tough situation.  Praise God because Jesus, the Word, has already defeated Satan so you can let him know where he stands.  You just stand on God’s promises because God never lies.  You are victorious!  Did you know that?

Hosea 4:6  “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge….”

Declaration of Faith

God’s Word takes priority in my life.  I have a hunger and desire to do God’s will and know His Word.  I will not be ignorant but will equip myself with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God so I can be ready in season and out.


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