God is Faithful

When I woke up on a Saturday morning, I had no idea I would be int he ER with my 2 year old two hours later.  My youngest was lying on the floor pretending to sleep after I told her it was nap time.  I went over and she held her hand out so I could help her up.  I grabbed on to her hands like many times before so she could jump to her feet.  However, instead of jumping to her feet, she must of realized that she didn’t want to nap and while I was pulling her up she threw herself back and twisted to the side and started screaming.  I heard a pop in her wrist and I picked her up and got some ice and we prayed over it like always.  She was not calming down like she normally does after a minor bump or fall.  I was renouncing fear because of course all these thoughts flooded my head – Did she break it?  Fracture it?  She was screaming hysterically.  I rushed out the door to the ER just to make sure.

We got in quickly and was waiting in the room when the doctor came in.  He looked at her wrist and said it was not broken or fractured but that it had been displaced at the elbow (Nursemaid’s Elbow which is common with kids under 4) and it would be have to be popped back in and she would be good to go.  My heart and stomach dropped at the thought of her having to go through that pain.

The doctor left the room to get snacks to try and distract her.  Just then, my husband called and we prayed together on the phone.  He had me renounce fear and reminded me that God has her covered.  We took authority over the situation.

Within minutes after we hung up, she calmed down and she looked at me with big eyes and gasped with a surprised look while holding up her arm.  She said, “Look Mommy!  All better!”

The doctor came back ready to put her elbow back in place and when he saw her, he was surprised.  He checked her out and said they usually always have to do it but she must have done it herself so she can go because she looks fine.

She didn’t do it!  God did!  She has had no problems since.  The Lord is always faithful.  I am so appreciative of my wonderful husband for his reassurace and prayer backup to stand on what God already said!  When two or more on earth agree on anything, it will be established!

~ Barbara – Milwaukee, WI


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