The Lord is Our Protector

One night while reading my girls a bedtime story, I smelled this odd smell coming through the vents. It reminded me of a gas smell similar to what our grill smells like when you first turn it on. I told my husband and he checked our propane tank outside and then came back in. He started smelling it too. He went to check our furnace room and when he opened the door, the smell was very strong it made his eyes burn. We both felt headaches coming on and felt something was wrong. Instead of putting our girls to bed as planned, we brought them out to the car while I called the emergency maintenance explaining everything.  A maintenance person came over within 10 minutes and started investigating. He didn’t really smell anything. I prayed quietly for him to be made aware of any problems and for him to check everything thoroughly. He brought in a gas testing and a carbon monoxide detector. At first he was not picking up anything but he was diligent and tested it again.  Sure enough, his carbon monoxide detector started showing elevated readings and was climbing every time the heat was on.

Long story short, the Gas Exchange went out in our furnace and every time it kicked in, it was throwing Carbon Monoxide in the air. The fire department was called and the Battalion Chief was confused on how we knew since the gas readings were ZERO and as everyone knows, Carbon Monoxide is odorless.  He said the effects we were having with the headaches was unheard of since while the levels were elevated, they were not to the point where they would have affected us….yet.  I hate to think if we had ignored the warning and just went to sleep.

I know that God made us aware of it by giving it a smell and showing us what was wrong.  Going to bed with Carbon Monoxide in the air can be deadly.  This is just one of many examples of how God has moved in our lives and protected our family.  I found if you put your trust in Him and His Word (no matter who you are), He will place a protected covering over you and your family that can only be described as supernatural.

I know there are many skeptics but all I can say is what I know to be true in our lives.

I am so thankful!!! God is Good!!


Barbara – Oak Creek, WI


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