Are You Contagious?

Faith is contagious.  You become who you hang around.  If you hang out with faith people, you will start to act like a faith filled person and take that same momentum to other conversations with people who are not.  It is important that we choose our friends wisely as the Word says.

Jesus is the High Priest of our “profession” in Hebrews 3:1 and 4:14.  The word translated “profession” means “to say the same thing”.  Faith people say the same thing Jesus says and refuse to say anything different.*  Find out if your faith is contagious.  Next time you are in a casual conversation with a co-worker or aquaintence, listen to yourself.  Does faith ultimately dominate the conversation temperature?  Or do you find your self “toning it down” so others won’t be offended or try and fit in.  This shouldn’t be something that is forced but something that comes out naturally and if it doesn’t, then your Word level is down and needs a boost.  Faith words nourish and feed your spirit man.  As you begin to fill up, it will overflow to everyone around you.

Have you ever met someone who was very negative and everytime you speak with that person, you leave the conversation feeling down?  Like their negativity rubbed off on you?  Use that same principal in a positive way with your faith and positive attitude.  Jesus always spoke faith and every person he encountered left impressed in someway – whether it was encouragement or correction, the truth was spoken.

Think about your last few converstations.  Were they faith filled or focused on defeat?  The Lord corrects each one of us so we can better position ourselves to be in line with Him so he can bless us.  Faith is one thing I hope to spread to those around me.



*Reference:  In God We Trust, KCM, September 2012

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