Be not discouraged, nor doubt…

“This holy week is a week of transformation.

It will take you from the darkness of yesterday,

And bring you into the victorious light of the future.

Do not let the words that surround you blind you.

Do not let them darken your days or your mind again.

For the light of the truth has been given unto you to walk in daily from this day forward.

I see within you the awesome potential you were born with.

This is still alive within your deepest part and is waiting to be released.

Released from the capsule that has contained it your whole life.

To be released to affect and change all that surrounds you this day.

Look!  And see things differently than ever before.

You are fulfilling the current season that you are in.

It’s preparing you for the next level of living.

Be not discouraged, nor doubt for you have not failed.

Give not up on your mission but be strengthened in it.

For the day of completion arises on the horizon…”


Word given to Pastor Greg April 4, 2012

Prophetic Ministry

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